We connect you to the right people,
in the right businesses;

We accelerate + amplify your outreach with real human relationships, AI + our innovative top-of-the-funnel approach.

  • A lead is classified as any person who shows interest in a company’s product or services. Lead generation is the process of finding and nurturing those potential leads to grow your business and viable contacts base.

  • We assist your business in becoming more efficient by delivering warm and validated leads directly to you. Using us will save you both time and effort while ensuring that no potential leads are lost due to mishandling and unclear communication. We will also be facilitating long term growth for your company by consulting and guiding you on generating and nurturing leads.

  • By systematically targeting the ideal industries, fields, and job titles most likely to be receptive towards your company, and engaging and fostering relationships with them in a manner designed to build trust. We will source the entire viable market for you, go over the potentials-list with you, and coach you on how to warm up these leads and establish connections for long-term partnerships and mutual gain.

Glossary of terms at HANGAR49

  • This means that first touch (point of contact) has been made.

  • Prospects who are clicking around less than 3 sites.

  • Marketing Qualified Lead – someone who shows necessary interest, but hasn’t engaged yet.

  • Sales Accepted Lead – someone who has engaged purposefully.

  • Prospects who respond to messages with a positive or neutral response.

  • Growth Calculator – tool created by HANGAR49 to measure and calculate various factors within your company, to find areas which need improvement and alterations in accordance with your business goals.

  • Ideal Customer Profile – Lists and segmented characteristics of the type of job positions and industries most likely to provide leads on the product or service you’re selling.

  • This is a marketing strategy used to draw customers to your commodities and services through the process of content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and online business branding.

  • File containing information and prep work done before the meeting, in order to have the fullest amount of information available to you possible.

  • Prospect Document – a more drawn out and detailed ICP.

  • Proof of Concept – Visual documentation and imagery used to display a future idea, or help visualize an end goal.

  • Qualifying questions – what you’d like answers to when you leave your meeting with the client / supplier.

  • Serviceable Addressable Market – the smaller percentage within the TAM that pertains to your industry and marketable audience who have an actual chance at converting into leads. You have to take into account the industry, language and cultural barriers, geography and socio-economic factors when determining your SAM.

  • Sales Development Representative – employees specifically designed to hunt and generate leads along with building and nurturing the necessary partnerships.

  • Total Addressable Market – The size of the market that you can access and initiate contact with. Thanks to the internet, this can be worldwide at times.