Edutech: The right side of the education equation

Edutech: The right side of the education equation

Edutech: The right side of the education equation 1300 867 HANGAR49

By Ebrahim Moolla, November 16, 2020

The closures enforced on the world by the COVID-19 pandemic heralds great changes in the Edutech industry, which could finally see the sector realise its immense potential.


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Edutech: The right side of the education equation

It’s been more than half a century since the invention of the printing press. One could argue that prior to widescale access to the Internet, Johannes Gutenberg’s revolutionary mechanical device was the only real disruption to education. 

Fortunately, education technology is now on the rise, mirroring the development of other industries as the sector attracts meaningful investment. By 2025, global expenditure in education technology is expected to reach $341 billion, more than double of what it was in 2018.

Edutech in 2020 has moved far beyond mere reformatting and individual technologies to encompass a learning architecture that  the social dynamism of the internet, delivers personalized learning and training that can automatically adjust to an individual’s learning speed and uses big data analysis to facilitate their progress effectively.

Here are just a few ways that Edutech is making its mark on education across the world and living up the demands of a new generation of learners:


Designed for interaction

Equipped with a basic set of teaching aids and called upon to educate an ever-increasing number of learners, teachers have historically battled to stimulate the curiosity of their charges. Edutech has allowed for interactive learning, turning lecture into discussion, encouraging active engagement and creating a more dynamic relationship between teacher and learner.

The demand for on-demand

Widespread access to videos and other multimedia materials, online classes and remote learning opportunities has meant that learners are no longer pressured to keep up with their peers while in class. True world-class education is available to students around the world and around the clock.


There’s power in the personal

The artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analysis espoused by Edutech firms are playing a significant role in the development of adaptive learning. From e-learning automation to history-based recommendations and career counselling founded on learning ability data, these technologies are behind the rise of personalised learning.


The 2020 teacher

There’s been a fundamental paradigm shift in the dynamic between teacher and learner with the introduction of emerging technologies in the classroom. In the modern educational institution, no longer is the teacher consider the sole source of knowledge, but rather a facilitator of learning.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said South African statesman Nelson Mandela. Education is what drives a society and the knowledge gained is what shapes us as human beings. By leveraging technology for the advancement of education, Edutech firms are laying the foundation of a productive global society.

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